Tutoring Services

I provide tutoring for elementary age students in all subject areas. I also provide homework support. I tutor  older students in Reading, Writing, Grammar, homework support, organizational skills, and study skills. If your child needs work on basic math skills or is dealing with math anxiety, I can work with her/him to overcome these challenges. I am not specifically trained to identify or address dyslexia…yet. I have taught first grade for nearly a decade and I am skilled in working with struggling readers. For more information about my philosophy of teaching and learning, or to get more details about my services head over to Crenshaw Tutoring.

Here is a brief summary about my tutoring approach:

No two children learn in quite the same way or at the same pace but all children have the capacity to learn. Your child’s individual approach to learning determines how I plan a program that will not only be engaging for your child but which will effectively assist your child in reaching her/her goals. Have they stalled in a subject?  Are they looking for an extra challenge? Is your lifestyle hectic and in need of someone besides you to provide some homework support a couple of times a week? Is there a specific skill (art, writing, coding, math, reading, creative writing, learning English, keyboarding, penmanship, computer skills) that your child wants to learn?  I  work with you and your child, designing each session specifically with the individual child in mind. I don’t use a pre-packaged curriculum instead I pull from my expertise of over 20 years of teaching in grades K-6 and my knowledge of local, state, and national standards to develop effective, engaging lessons that will provide your child every opportunity for success.