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Bloxels Builder: Innovative Instructional Tool or Toy?

Bloxels Builder images and description from Worthpoint.

It was several years ago, during my first session of summer school in my current district, that I first encountered Bloxels Builder kits and fell in love with them because they are just such a fun idea. Why play a video game when you can actually create your own? Instantly, I could see the fun of this tool. I had no doubt it would be highly engaging for my students, but I had one nagging question: Would it provide more value as a learning tool than simply engagement and fun? I wondered how Bloxels could be used if they could be used as an effective tool to increase learning outcomes as well as engagement in my classroom. I wanted to know if Bloxels was a legitimate tool or was it only good for fun and games. This post is all about how I began answering those questions.