Notes for Parents

Welcome!  If you are a parent with a student in my classroom, I’m glad you found your way to my digital place.  There are a couple of important communication tools you will want to know about in order to stay in touch with me and up to date on your child’s experience in our classroom so please read on.


screen-shot-2015-05-12-at-5-20-41-pmSeesaw is a website with an accompanying app that you can download for your smartphone that will allow you to keep informed about things that are going on in our classroom and what your child is working on.  It is a communication tool for me to deliver news and updates and reminders to you but more importantly, it is a digital portfolio of your child’s progress this year.  You won’t want to miss out on all the great things your child is learning and accomplishing.  I strongly encourage you to download the app and when your student brings home the QR code, please scan it and get access to your child’s portfolio.


Remind is a texting app that allows for two way communication between you and me. I will 1200x630bfbe sending home the code and number to text during the first weeks of school and I will give it out at our Open House and again at conferences. It is a really great way to stay in touch if texting is your preferred method of communication.  I find I can multi-task and respond to a text much faster than having to email or call (though I’m not opposed to either of those). If it works for you, I encourage you to download the Remind app and let’s stay in touch this year.  (P.S. It’s really great for those times when your student is saying they don’t have homework and you’re not quite sure if that’s accurate.  Usually it is, but a quick text to me on Remind will clear all that up.)

My goal is to stay in touch with you as often and as regularly as possible through as many forms of communication as possible.  If one method of communication works best for you, feel free to email or message me and let me know what you prefer. I’m happy to accommodate.


I welcome parent volunteers in my class. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering. Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities:

Art Literacy

As an Art Literacy Volunteer, you will attend 6 one-hour trainings through the school year, held at the school (day and evening sessions available), to prepare you for each artist presentation and project. You will then teach about the artist and conduct the art project in the classroom.

Classroom Party Volunteers:

As a classroom party volunteer, you will work with other classroom parents to execute 3 class parties. You do not need to plan the party or purchase the supplies. The PTO will provide a “Party Box” with all of the activities and supplies.


As a production volunteer, you will be responsible each week for photocopying, prepping materials for classroom projects, putting up or taking down bulletin boards, etc. This allows me to spend more time focusing on instruction. This is a weekly job.

Working with small groups of students

As a small group volunteer you will be asked to supervise a small group of students (no more than six) while they conduct a book study, play math games to reinforce skills and concepts, or work on writing projects. The materials are prepared for you. There is no grading. It’s all about making sure students stay productive and on-task, while I work with other students. There is also no grading.

Home Projects:

At times there are projects that can be completed by a parent at home. I send the project and instructions home in a folder with your child. You complete the project and return it to class. I usually try to give a few days or time over a weekend to complete it.  We’d work the details out together.