About Ms. Crenshaw

I’m Cat Crensha16-07-18-MsCatw. Welcome to my digital space. My intent is that this website become a resource for students, a means of communication and connection with parents, and a place of collaborating and furthering professional learning networks among educators. I also hope it will become a digital portfolio of my practice as I continue to hone my skills and improve my work with students.  After 20 years in the public school elementary classroom, I’m still learning new skills and setting new goals.

Teaching is a constantly evolving profession. There is always some new initiative to familiarize oneself with, new research that impacts our pedagogy, and with the addition of constantly evolving digital technologies there is a never ending smorgasbord of options to explore. When it comes to utilizing the potential for social media to further collaboration among professionals, to strengthen practice through professional learning communities, and to utilize all things digital to engage and differentiate instruction in meaningful ways for students, I’m a sponge. I can’t get enough of learning about best practice and implementing it in my classroom if I feel it will effectively meet the needs of my students. I love hearing what other educators are doing and sharing ideas from across the globe.

After spending 2015-16 overseas working and observing in classrooms in Northern Europe, I’m especially interested in connecting with other educators from all over the world to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Feel free to message me or connect with me on any of the social media platforms.

Welcome to our class, be sure to take notes, and most of all have fun learning!

Cat A. Crenshaw, M.Ed.



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