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I’ve Been Published!

elementary-student-celebrating-her-success-in-libraryIt’s long been a goal of mine to be published on a notable site or publication that was not one I created. Today, I received great news!  Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) published an article I wrote on their blog. This is a big deal because NWEA as an organization is a positive game-changer when it comes to assessing students in this country. Their workaround assessment literacy is powerful and relevant to all educators seeking to support student achievement through valid assessments that inform instruction.  It’s also a big deal because it’s a personal/professional goal achieved. Finally, I have so much to say about the collaboration, mentoring, networking, and support I’ve received since I began working in Beaverton that I could write ten more blog posts (and probably will). My success is a shared success as there have been many who have supported, mentored, collaborated, and trained me along the way. I’m humbled and deeply grateful. I do hope you’ll read the article and share it out. I would love it if NWEA could conduct training on assessment literacy in our area. After all, they are located right here in Portland! Again, if you missed the link earlier in this post you can read my article here.


I'm a certified teacher with over twenty years of experience in the elementary public school classroom. I'm passionate about tech ed, engaging students, collaboration, culturally sensitive instruction and using social media to build professional learning networks as well as to engage students, parents, communities and stakeholders. In my spare time I ride bikes (I have four), doodle, and read (yes, one day I hope to have read every book in my classroom). I'm a digital junkie, an aspiring writer and a photographer with a big camera I don't yet know how to use. Yes, I'm also all about growth mindset.

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